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About Us

Crisis in Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, The Russian Federation invaded Ukraine.  Russian forces bombed major Ukrainian cities and land troops moved across the border into Eastern Ukraine. Since the invasion began, Russia has continued sending troops and artillery at Ukrainian towns and cities, targeting civilian infrastructure killing thousands of civilians. As Ukrainian forces defended key regions, many civilians fled their homes towards Poland, Romania, and other nations. These refugees have little to nothing that they are able to bring with them lacking essential resources, and many of them are injured from shelling or have pre existing conditions that are necessary to be treated. Seeing the struggle of Ukraine and the refugees leaving their home we decided that we NEEDED to act and go to the places where people needed us most.

Who we are

We are MD for Ukraine, a group of doctors, nurses, medical providers, and translators who participate in medical missions in Poland providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees. We are a small but nimble group that provide ambulatory medical consultation to Ukrainian people: women, children and elderly who were forced out of their homes. We are doing it from the beginning of this horrible war. We are of Ukrainian decent and after seeing the horror and hearing the stories from friends and family we knew that we help in the best way that we knew how to.